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UPCOM TELEKOM –  international wholesale for new and used smartphones


We have more than 14 years of experience in Telecommunications Distribution. We deliver reliable quality at best rates.

Our Business

Wholesale of Mobilephones of all Brands
Wholesale of refurbished Mobilephones
Buying of used Mobilephones from B2B & B2C


Wholesale of all Brands

We sell Phones of all brands. We guarantee fastest delivery at best prices available. And in the rare occasion, that we cannot meet your requirements, we communicate straightforwardly and in time.

Wholesale of Used and Refurbished Phones

The refurbished devices we sell undergo careful and thorough testing. We provide at least 90 days of warranty as we believe, that your customers deserve best quality.

Buying used Cellphones

We buy used Smartphones from consumers and enterprises. From one single device to several hundreds. With our plattform altehandys.at launched in 2007 we were the pioneers in the market for used cellphones.

About Upcom Telekom

    • 2004 Foundation of the UpCom Telekom Vertriebs GmbH. The founder Martin Lehmann  has already been in the telecommunication business since 1996. His Partner was the industrialist Michael Kaufmann.
    • 2005: UpCom Telekom soon disposes of contracts with every important telecommunication provider and industrial partners as Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG, to name but a few.
    • 2007: UpCom obtains an exclusive distribution contract from T-Mobile. Moreover Upcom develops an additional business unit: the commerce with used mobile phones on altehandys.at. Soon clients like Hartlauer, Orange, T-Mobile or Caritas (ö3-Wundertüte) come on board. Upcom distributes about 100.000 new mobilephones in Austria.
    • 2009: In the spring the Upcom team moves to a larger building. There the 20 staff members find perfect surroundings for their work. The new premises enhance also the logistics.
    • 2013: Due to major marketchanges Upcom Telekom ceases the provider distribution in Dezember 2013. The turnover so far was about € 200 billions and was in charge of hundreds of retailers all over Austria.
    • All the while the business with used phones either B2C and B2B is being continued.
    • In 2018  the international and national wholesale with new and refurbished mobilephones is relaunched.

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